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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

adidas x Head Porter Nizza Hi

Derived from Head Porter’s highly coveted tanker bag, the Japanese label have teamed up with adidas on a great sneaker. Taking the Nizza Hi as the canvas, the sneaker features a similar black padded nylon and orange MA1 lining to bring out the very best in the Nizza’s simple paneling. While the zipper feature down the shoe’s heel takes the baggage theme one step beyond any standard collaboration, encapsulating the look perfectly while serving a utilitarian purpose in ease-of-wear.

This rare coming together of two iconic names in there field is well represented with the minimal manner and played down detailing with Head Porters blend of functionality, premium quality and the cutting edge taken a step further with the tote bag that comes with the sneaker.

Available now from Crooked Tongues.

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